Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The RoF Editor a beginner's guide - Part 2 Running the Editor

OK let's dive in and run the Editor.

The Rise of Flight Editor program executable is located in:

\777\Rise of Flight\bin_editor\release\ROFEditor.exe


The Rise of Flight Editor is a separate program to the main RoF game but it uses all the same resources and is updated to the latest version at the same time as your RoF game. Bear in mind that you can’t run the ME at the same time as RoF so before you can test the missions you are working on you will need to close ME and open RoF.

Double click on ROFEditor.exe and you should see the splash screen loading. Because the ME automatically loads the last mission you were working on two dialogue boxes will pop up one after the other telling you that the mission being loading is valid. Click OK to get rid of them.


You will then be presented with the ME interface.


Important: If the main 3d view port is blocky and pixelated then you can fix it by minimizing the ME then maximize it using the standard Windows buttons in the top right.


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